maandag 27 juni 2016

Nadyesja TIMBER van Rijneckerhof

At almost 14 years of age his time had come. For some weeks something called him from a far and distant shore and today Timber made his final journey through the wormhole. This time he will stay on the other side... and meet all his former companions that are already waiting for him. Yukon, Daisy, Cheyenne, Maja, Mick, Rita, Purzel, Luna, Bonny...
And we will miss him so much.

The adventures of Timber, the czechoslovakian wolfdog

(by Tom Daams)

Timber finds this strange hole and decides to take a look. But is he brave enough to look in it?

One day Timber woke up and started his day as usual.

But suddenly there was a hole, it wasn't there yesterday!!
It was dark inside, not a smell or a sound.

  Although his mother told him not to stick his head in unknown holes, he was very curious.

When he reached in too far he felt like being sucked into the hole

He tried to get out

But the hole was too strong

And down he went.
Sally was shocked! One minute Timber was there and when she looked again he was gone!


Timber went through a wormhole and entered a mystical place.

The land of Haiger!

He walked to scout the place.

He saw mysterious buildings.

Looked down on deep canyons.

Sometimes he did'nt know what way to choose.

He crossed meadows.

Saw mystical forests.

Wandered through dark woods.

Went hunting at sunset.

Slept throughout the morning.

But eventually he got lonely and he started to miss Sally, the retarded mixdog. 

And so he decided to go back home.

And he travelled the the wormhole again, only to find out..

That after two years in the land of Haiger..

Time back home did not age a bit.

But only one thing mattered, Timber was back home again.

 The end.

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